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We are always on the lookout for awesome people who are a fit with the Polar culture. We do things a little differently that you may not be used to. We operate on a system based on peer relationship were decision making is distributed through the company. Our world view and internal culture is based on the following principles:


We relate to one another with an assumption of positive intent.
Until we are proven wrong, trusting colleagues is our default means of engagement.
Freedom and accountability are two sides of the same coin.

Information and decision making

Business information is open to all.
Every one of us is able to handle difficult and sensitive news.
We believe in the power of collective intelligence. Nobody is as smart as everybody. Therefore, all decisions will be made with the “advice process”.

Responsibility and accountability

We each have full responsibility for the organisation. If we sense that something needs to happen, we have a duty to address it. It’s not acceptable to limit our concern to the remit of roles.
Everyone must be comfortable with holding others accountable to their commitments through feedback and respectful confrontation.

Equal worth

We are all of fundamental equal worth.

We appreciate the differences in roles, education, backgrounds, interests, skills, characters and points of view.


Every problem is an invitation to learn and grow. We will always be learners. We have never arrived but are on a journey.
Failure is always a possibility if we strive boldly for our purpose. We discuss failures openly and learn from them. Hiding or neglecting to learn from failure is not acceptable.
Feedback and respectful confrontation are gifts we share to help one another grow.
We focus on strengths more than weaknesses, on opportunities more than problems.

Relationships and conflict

It’s impossible to change other people. We can only change ourselves.
Every person has life lessons they are meant to learn by themselves. What we can do is be there to support each other in that process of personal change.
We take ownership for our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.
We don’t spread rumours. We don’t talk behind someone’s back.
We resolve disagreements one-on-one and don’t drag other people into the problem.
We don’t blame problems on others. When we feel like blaming, we take it as an invitation to reflect on how we might be part of the problem (and the solution).


In the long run, there are no trade-offs between purpose and profits. If we focus on purpose (cause), the profit (effect) will follow.

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